view from the bridge
view from the bridge

design ethos


Thoughtfully designed to create a home that is just right.

The essential moments in life ground us, recharge us so that we can go out there and live extraordinarily.


#designmatters at Connaught Commons

dwellers in the pursuit of essential living

a sociable and sustainable lifestyle for everyone

Through the focus and process of Connaught Commons, this community is a sociable and sustainable lifestyle for everyone. Dwellers in the pursuit of essential living will be surrounded by and integrated with nature and this responds to the essential context for each person, family and collective. For each Townhouse, Villa and Stacked Flat, the amenities of the homes and surroundings are essential to our lives.

Professionals, young families and empty nesters will find their own sanctuary and community in Connaught Commons. People will get what they love in a smaller setting. Valuing quality, longevity and spending time with each other and loved ones. Balancing affordability with aesthetic and longevity and being conscious of the impact everyday decisions make. At Connaught Commons, there is a greatbenefit with a close community to support everyones life.

view from the bridge

Your family means the world to you and since your world needs an atmosphere of peace and comfort we have designed these units to complete your space. You work hard want to invest in the best thing in your life and we understand that, you deserve an upgrade. Your family will be treated with an enormous out door community, from pedestrian paths made for a beautiful walk to playgrounds that are sure to put a smile on your family. These units have a sense of longevity, with it’s appealing aesthetics that is sure to be timeless when it’s time to build on what you have.

view from the bridge

Units designed to establish the longing to build upon what you’ve worked so hard for. The best investment of your life rolled into a beautifully designed space that reflects what you look for in a place to call home. Your active adventurous lifestyle is reflected by the amazing amenities that are just steps outside of your home. From pedestrian paths to the beautiful green space that will sure to peak your sense of adventure and sense of community.

view from the bridge

Connaught Commons offers more of what you want in a smaller package. The beautifully designed units make sure that your active lifestyle is highlighted and emphasized, because we know that your sense of adventure is bigger than ever as you transition into your new empty nest. We know that what’s important to you is the time you spend with your family, friends and community and we designed a space that reflects your need to be with loved ones.

what does essential living look like in Medicine Hat?

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essential living


Essential moments ground and recharge us. A beautiful and simple home provides the perfect home base for us to go out and live life extraordinarily. So much more than just a multi-family development, Connaught Commons utilizes thoughtful design to create homes for those who want to live purposefully. Connaught Commons will set the standard for a new generation in Medicine Hat. With a contemporary, urban attitude but grounded in a sensitivity to the community and the surrounding park, Connaught Commons is truly one of a kind.

These efficient, thoughtfully planned homes serve as a starting point for a life well lived: centrally located and perfectly situated for a social and adventurous life. The size and price point make these the obvious choice for those just getting started or those wishing to downsize, resulting in a community that is inclusive by nature and spans generations.

view from the bridge
view from the bridge

connaught commons



Connaught Commons is perfectly oriented in the middle of a bustling community that is tied in with the idea of essential living. No matter what development you choose there is always an option for everyone. With each development being in the center of all the amenities, Connaught Commons aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to live life extraordinarily. Whether you walk the amazing pedestrian pathways that overlook the Connaught Golf Course, or you visit the community garden space or just want to relax in the park, Connaught Commons site has everything you need.


The Town Houses provide a high quality form of Streetside living. The homes are geared to families seeking safe fenced front yards, generous setbacks with trees, and extensive useable outdoor living space including a porch and pergola.

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The porch culturist theme employed here creates a pleasant and comfortable Villa lifestyle. Front yards of these remarkable Villas have a naturally beautiful green space that is the hub of a micro community. The area is walkable and socially interactive.

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stacked flats

The Stacked Flat residences will be surrounded by a panorama of green on green within the community. While taking in a vista of green by overlooking: mature trees, the view of Connaught Golf Course, adjacent parks and ponds.

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