view from the bridge

connaught commons


Connaught Commons combines the beauty of nature with an everlasting sense of community. Rooted in the thought of Essential Living, Connaught Commons boasts an urge to come together and create essential moments that ground us and makes life extraordinary. Through thoughtful design Connaught Commons aims to set the standard for Medicine Hat with a contemporary, urban attitude that is grounded in community.

Connaught Commons features an armament of wonderful amenities, such as gathering spaces, access to public transport, golf course and many restaurants. Pedestrian pathways that overlook the golf course brings the nature to you as you walk through the community. Families can enjoy the wonderment of the parks that are nearby as well as nature lovers can appreciate all the amazing green space that surrounds the community.



The lifestyle movement that is being seen all over the world is called Essential Living. This movement is energized by the urge to live one’s life extraordinarily and on your own terms. The homes that we choose to live in are becoming more of a reflection of who we are. Our homes have become places of peace, spaces to recharge our own personal sanctuary. Design matters more in our lives than ever before, the way we impact a space completely rejuvenates us.

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The space becomes an extension of ourselves. The architecture of our new homes feature sustainability and is built as clear span, open plan and multifunctional spaces to reflect the flexibility in your lifestyle. The focus on natural light though the home play an integral role in the interior of the designs as we bring the outside in with harmonious extended living spaces.



An abundance of amenities surround Connaught Commons completing the whole community. The homes are oriented on the corner of Primrose drive and College drive, upon entry you are immediately met a great parking area and public transit areas. Amongst the great amenities there is a park and playground just across the way off of Primrose Drive, a short beautiful walk from your home. Within the community there is beautiful gardens and Barbque areas and amazing pedestrian pathways that lead a stunning view of the Connaught Commons Golf Club. The amount of green space will amaze any lover of nature! With thoughts of tying in the community Connaught Commons has made it so the amenities bring a sense of wonder and amazement to each and everyone.

view from the bridge